5 Top Digital Marketing Secrets You Must Know in 2023

Digital Marketing Secrets

5 Top digital marketing secrets every digital marketer must know for successful digital marketing in 2023.

No matter if you’re just getting started with your business or you’ve been going for years, everyone is feeling the heat from growing competition.

If you’ve stepped foot on Facebook or Instagram recently, you know how many get-rich-quick marketing “gurus” are out there trying to claim they have the best-kept secret of marketing to finally make moves with your business. 

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a single action that can grow your brand overnight. These things take time. Marketing “hacks” are nothing but a buzzword, so don’t lose sight of what’s most important with your brand.

As long as you’re true to your message and your customers, the right audience will come naturally. Though there’s no one-size-fits-all magical trick to skyrocket brand growth, there are some lesser-known tricks that provide effective solutions.

No, these won’t transform your business overnight. We have put together a list of 5 hidden secrets for digital marketing will not only boost your brand but build better relationships with your audience.

1. Use Paid Social Promotions

A lot of brands say they tried Facebook ads, and they didn’t have any luck. So what did they do? They never tried them again. This is a big mistake.

Facebook and other social media promotions are cheap. They literally cost pennies, in some cases, and the possibilities are endless.

Social media algorithms are changing by the day. It’s harder than ever to get your posts out organically to your own followers, let alone new ones. If you could get your message out there for under $50 in front of thousands of users, you’d do it.

That’s what Facebook and Instagram marketing is. The secret is in the audience tool. Facebook gives you the option of fully customizing your promotion audience, and this is a big help. Be sure you lock in your demographic, their interests, and geographical locations before you hit launch. 

2. Video Marketing

Video marketing is the new content marketing. While text was king a few years ago, it’s all about video today. If you’ve checked social media recently, you’ll see how many videos are going viral and getting attention.

We aren’t talking about silly prank videos (unless that fits your brand), but we are talking about content-rich videos that deliver to your ideal customer. 

Why are videos so successful? First, they literally stop users in their tracks. They’re more eye-catching than pictures, and they’re easy to watch on the go.

Next, they let users interact with your company face-to-face. Showing your best stories, products, and services in an interesting way is sure to attract the right attention.

3. Influencer Marketing

Another up-and-coming if not already a full swing marketing trick is influencer marketing. An influencer is anyone online with an audience, big or small.

These are usually bloggers, gurus, or YouTubers, and they have their own value to offer your marketing strategy. When it comes to influencer marketing, you have the chance to promote your products and services through a new voice. 

The key to influencer marketing is simpler than you think: don’t fall for pretty numbers. Just because an influencer has 100k social media followers does not mean he or she is a good fit. Instead, look for an audience that is engaged with the influencer, and an audience that aligns with your brand. 

4. Offer Discounts

People love free stuff. Who doesn’t? If you have an inexpensive product or downloadable you can offer, this is a great way to build your mailing list and your brand. You can offer this as a bonus for those who sign up for your service or make a purchase, or you can use it as an opt-in for your email list. 

Even if you think you have nothing to offer for free, you do. You can include a how-to guide, a tutorial video, a free recipe, whatever makes sense for your business. These things don’t take a lot of time or money, but they have a big pay off. 

5. Clear Calls to Actions

While many marketers and business owner claim to have their calls to action (CTA) nailed down tight, they probably don’t.

If you have a landing page that isn’t converting, you should look at your CTAs. People need clear actions to make decisions. 

What goes into an influential CTA? Use actionable verbs and phrases. Try not be too wordy, and know where to place your CTAs.

Never use more than one on the same page. Finally, consider the sales funnel. Maybe having a “Buy now” CTA on the home page isn’t the best plan, but a “Sign up for our newsletter” is more effective.