Jobs Thriving During Covid-19

Jobs Thriving During Covid-19

The Covid-19 crisis has left millions of Americans unemployed or fearing for their jobs. However, some industries have been more affected than others, depending on how well their products or services adapted to our new reality. Some industries, such as tech, have managed to do so successfully, and continue to make astonishing profits. 

New Opportunities in Tech

For tech workers, the Covid-19 pandemic has meant new opportunities. As the dynamic of social distancing makes online interaction a necessity, tech workers are the bridge that joins traditional businesses with the public. This is reflected in the strong growth of tech job postings in 2020.  

As the pandemic rearranges the world market, we can already see that work in tech might be more resilient in a recession, and thus a career path worth some consideration. While it is yet not clear what the economic impact will be on salaries, at least we know it’s on a steady rise.

Financial Planning

The disastrous effects of the pandemic on the economy have highlighted the need for financial planning. People who got too reliant on a steady income were hit hard by the wave of lay-offs that America is suffering. 

However, there’s a lesson to be learned there, and people have started picking up on it. Many Americans, unemployed or not, are trying their best to take control of their finances and make better decisions for the future. That’s why financial planners have become so in demand. Helping people manage their money during the crisis, and giving sensible advice for the future, work in this field has boomed.

Personal Shopping and Delivery

When the pandemic first became a reality in the US, deliveries became a popular option for people to obtain their essential goods with minimal risk. In a short period of time, delivering became a viable option for people to get a steady flow of income.

Soon these practices became a standard and started evolving to cater to other demands, beyond essentials. This led to the refinement of the system and the growth of personal shoppers, people who help clients shop. 

The way we shop has changed for good, it seems. And with this change comes a string of jobs that have solidified and will survive in this new economy. These people have never been busier in a time when their help is less of a luxury, and more of a necessity. 

Medical Professions

Jobs Thriving During Covid-19

This might be stating the obvious, but jobs in the medical field are as steady as can be. This comes as no surprise, considering we’re in the middle of a health crisis, but it’s worth mentioning. There are also those in care.

Even if things are starting to get better, and it looks like we are close to beating Covid-19, we will still need a lot of medical professionals in the future, so this career path will remain resilient even in the aftermath of the pandemic.

Everything e-Commerce

E-Commerce has been steadily growing for years now, even becoming the main source of sales for a lot of companies. Those industries that developed on that aspect thrived in the context of the pandemic. Others that resisted the change before have finally understood that it’s the future.

That’s why jobs related to the functioning of e-commerce have boomed during the pandemic, as everyone is trying to adapt to save their businesses. There’s a lot that goes into online sales, including web development, data science, and content development. This is a career path that will dominate the job market in the upcoming years. 


During these unprecedented times, a lot of people have lost their job security, and their lives have changed forever. Although this can mean difficulty, it can also translate into positive changes and new beginnings. Reimagining your career around the trends of the future can be a good idea. Understand the challenges of today, and assess what you can offer to this blooming world of opportunities. Don’t get stuck in the past, but rather pick up the skills that will turn you into a successful worker in the future. We survive when we adapt, so follow the new reality and see where it takes us.

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