Jobs Thriving During Covid-19

Jobs Thriving During Covid-19

The Covid-19 crisis has left millions of Americans unemployed or fearing for their jobs. However, some industries have been more affected than others, depending on how well their products or services adapted to our new reality. Some industries, such as tech, have managed to do so successfully, and continue to make astonishing profits.  New Opportunities

Empex Digital’s CEO – Eric Gisore Aims to Help Brands Serve Their Customers Better: GoodFirms

Incorporated in 2015 and based in Nairobi, Empex Digital is a trusted go-to full-service digital agency. The company helps brands and businesses in creating competent brands that win market share and achieve growth. The digital business strategies developed by the professionals resonate with the latest trends in the digital space. The company’s vision is to

WordPress 5.5 Will Introduce Automatic Updates for Themes and Plugins

The upcoming WordPress 5.5 update will expand the content management system’s auto-updating capabilities to themes and plugins. Currently, auto-updating is only available for the WordPress CMS core. Soon, when a stable version of WordPress 5.5 rolls out to everyone, themes and plugins can be set to update automatically as well. Presumably, the auto-update functionality is