Marketing Strategy Consulting

The center of Marketing Communications has shifted from television commercials and newspaper ads to digital platforms such as YouTube, Tik Tok, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn or to OTTs and digital publishers.

With over 25 million internet users in Kenya and in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, digital is at the heart of the media consumption for many. For brands that have been focused on traditional marketing channels, making this transition can be challenging but we’re here to enable you to do this quickly and smoothly for impactful results.

Our Strategy and Approach, Customized for Your Brand

Digital media has become the means of successfully engaging with prospects and nurturing them to becoming customers, even more so in the light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Understanding your Business and Marketing Objectives

Understanding your Consumers’ Behavior & Data

Drawing Insights to Set Targets

Restructuring to Enable Digital Transformation

Our Consultancy Solutions Include


Helping Launch A New Brand

In an increasingly competitive market, we understand the importance of lifting your brand off the ground quickly to attain visibility and growth. We help you achieve this by building and developing a launch strategy that is completely digital, enabling you to reach large and relevant audiences. From the right media mix to the branding strategy, we help you with an end to end launch strategy.


Digital Innovation

Our digital solutions have a two-pronged approach. With innovative solutions, we redefine digital strategies that enable growth and audience engagement, and we also work to meet existing business problems.


Personalized Marketing

Establishing a connection is the key to reaching audiences with effectiveness. This is why we use data analytics to personalize your brand’s customer engagement, be it your website or your ad campaigns or any content that is created. Personalized marketing is effective and gives way to better customer experience and engagement, thereby improving your ROI significantly.


Communication Strategies

We are committed to understanding your audience, and suggest strategies that enable your brand’s communication to be more effective. We ensure integrated campaigns that work with different messages to the right audiences according to their need across different digital channels and platforms


Insight-Based Marketing

All our campaigns are data-driven to understand the pulse of your audience better. We combine these insights with existing data to understand what’s working and what isn’t. This enables you to fine-tune your strategy and accomplish targets with precision and clear identifiers.


Digital Transformation

We have an in house team of strategy and marketing consultants and industry experts who can help with digital transformation. We work with India’s top brands on training their team on digital, having focus group sessions with CXOs, conducting primary consumer research, articulating the strength of the brand and formulating the digital and communication strategy