Web Development

March 17, 2020

WordPress 5.5 Will Introduce Automatic Updates for Themes and Plugins

The upcoming WordPress 5.5 update will expand the content management system’s auto-updating capabilities to themes and plugins. Currently, auto-updating is only available for the WordPress CMS core. Soon, when a stable version of WordPress 5.5 rolls out to everyone, themes and plugins can be set to update automatically as well. Presumably, the auto-update functionality is

Digital Marketing

How To Improve Your Google Search Visibility

October 2, 2020

How To Improve Your Google Search Visibility

You know at first glance who ranks at the top of the search because you can see the top 10 search results for “home contractors near me.” But have you ever wondered who is at the very bottom of the search? Or even right smack in the middle? If you don’t know what elements help

July 13, 2020

Site Kit by Google – Google’s All-in-One WordPress Plugin

What is Google Site Kit? According to its developers, Google, Site Kit by Google  is a one-stop solution for WordPress users to use everything Google has to offer to make them successful on the web. To others, Site Kit is a brand new SEO/analytics plugin for WordPress, developed by which enables you to connect and

March 26, 2020

50 Social Media Statistics To Inform Your Digital Marketing In 2020

When social media first burst onto the scene in the early 2000s, it was used only by small groups of people, mostly college students, and there was a lot of skepticism about its future. This was mostly because people didn’t understand how to monetize social media and turn it into something with staying power. For